Bobby Hart’s Long Range Shooting School

Practicing  long range shots in actual hunting conditions is not something that is easily accomplished.  Bobby Hart, owner of Hart Custom Rifles and long-time competitive shooter and hunter, has developed a course that simulates different hunting scenarios to help improve confidence for when it’s time to “Make the Shot.” In an effort to learn from one of the best and see first-hand his long range shooting course, JL, Zach and I put TRACT and Hart Custom Rifles to the test.

A 400 Yard Shot is Very Doable

One of the more challenging scenarios was an 385 yard shot taken from an elevated box blind.  Our prey is a deer (steel target) underneath the canopy of pine trees on the edge of a field. The shot seemed like a realistic situation where bigger bucks stay back in the shadows and don’t come out into the open until it’s too dark to shoot. According to Bobby, the average hunter has never taken an animal at 400 yards but with good optics and a good rifle, a 400 yard kill-shot is a very doable.

This life-sized steel deer target is positioned 385 yards from the elevated box blind and is just one of the many shooting sceniors you will face on the course.

Bobby enjoys helping people build their confidence in making long-range shots. He explains that "most of the misses happen before the bullet is out of the barrel.”  Why is that? Simply put, they move before the bullet exits.

Shooting Techniques
  1. Maintain your shooting  position until the bullet exits the barrel
  2. Come in from the bottom, pass through the target , settle into it and make your shot
  3. Role play (practice) where you think the deer is going to come out. 
  4. Dry Fire a few times and watch to see that the crosshair does not move off your aiming point .    

Role playing the situation is critical.  As we all know, this sometimes is easier said than done.  That’s why coming to a course like this is a great opportunity to practice like you hunt.

Bobby explains that if a shooter will follow a few simple principals, they will increase their odds of success.

Use the Available Resources

Preparation for all types of shooting situations is one element of success. That’s Jon LaCorte never leaves home without his sand bag and Stony Point shooting sticks especially when hunting from a box blind..

Benefits of using this system:

  • The sandbag provides a soft surface for the gun to rest on. A rifle will have a tendency to “jump” off of a hard surface
  • The shooting sticks provide a sturdy rear point of contact that prevents the rifle from rocking in an up and down manner and allows the shooter to settle into the rifle and keep the crosshairs steady even when excited

Stoney Point Shooting Sticks & Sand Bag Provide the Stability to Make Long Range Shots

Making the Shot Set-Up
  1. Hart Custom Remington 700 in 300 Ultra Mag
  2. TORIC UHD 3-15x50 BDC Riflescope
  3. Barnes 180gr TTSX Round Chronographed at an average velocity of 3313 fps
  4. Impact Ballistic Program Data showed Jon exactly where to hold to make that 385 yard shot.

The TRACT Impact Ballistics Program has proven to be a valuable resouce by eleminating the guess work of holdover  

Bobby Hart’s Long Range Shooting School

  • Hart’s professional instructors are skilled in the art of long range shooting, utilizing Minute-of-angle correction, and Mil-radian range finding techniques. Our instructors will vary depending upon training schedules.
  • Classes are small, providing the student with more personalized instruction. Our unique blend of instructors offer field proven techniques, allowing you to make that shot of a lifetime.
  • All shooting is done under realistic outdoor conditions. You will shoot under the same conditions you may encounter in the field.
  • Their trained staff will provide detailed instruction and practical exercises in the following areas: Equipment Selection, Ballistics, Range Finding, MOA Correction, Uphill-Downhill Shooting, Rifle Maintenance and other Advanced Shooting Techniques.
  • Call (570) 752-3655 today for current rates and availability.

“The pace is demanding, but the results are worth it!”

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