When you make an investment in high-end optics “why put a cheap set of rings that are extruded in China” states Bobby Hart 4th generation custom rifle builder.  When it comes to accuracy, Bobby knows what it takes to produce consistent groups after spending the last 30 years helping people improve their shooting. 

Time and time again he has seen people invest in a top performing rifle, a top performing scope, and then buy a cheap set of rings and bases.  This is not a place to cut corners and buy what’s on sale.  This is where you connect your sighting device to the gun so it’s critical you have a top performing mount system. 

Lapping Your Scope Rings

Bobby feels strongly that going the extra mile to lap your scope rings is critical for the scope to sit perpendicular to the axis of the bore.  By taking this important step it creates a stress free environment so the rings don’t pinch down on the scope tube causing a number of different accuracy issues. 

Undersized Rings Will Dent the Scope

“When you buy a cheap set of rings there under-sized”, according to Bobby. So when you put an under-sized ring and an undersized cap it grabs it and will actually pinch the scope tube and unfortunately it puts a dent in your brand new scope. So, you want to get the diameter of the rings to match the diameter of the scope so you’re only putting downward pressure on it creating a stress-free environment for the scope to perform as designed.

Bobby explains in this video that the diameter of the rings have to match the diameter of the scope so you’re only putting downward pressure on the scope.

Steel versus Aluminum

There is a big debate over whether there is any benefit or drawback with using Aluminum or Steel rings. We have used both extensively and it really comes down to personal preference. We have not seen any durability issues with either, but the lighter weight aluminum does appeal to many shooters who are trying to keep their set up as light as possible.

Use the right tools

While most any screwdriver may work, using the correct size tool is very important. If you are not using the correct size of screwdriver it may cause you to damage the screws and make it difficult to tighten or loosen the screws properly. A dedicated gunsmithing tool set makes all the difference.

The Wheeler Engineering Professional Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set includes a total of 89 various components as well as specialty bits for working on a large variety of firearms.

Another important tool is an accurate torque wrench. Many people think they have to tighten the ring and bases screws as tight as they can get them. This often results in broken or cracked screws as well as a crimped scope tube. We highly recommend that you consult the mount manufacturer on the amount of torque they recommend. We at TRACT feel that 18 inch pounds is more than enough for ring screws. In some cases with super magnums we might go to 20. Bases screws are ordinarily torqued to 25 inch pounds. We have been using the Capri Tools Torque wrench for quite some time now with excellent results.

                      The Capri Torque Wrench adjustments in 1 inch-pound increments for maximum precision. 

Take your time

If you plan to mount the scope yourself, if there is one thing we can suggest is that you take your time. Evenly tightening the screws is extremely important. If the ring screws are not tightened evenly, this can cause undue stress on the scope tube and prevent the erector assembly inside the scope from moving properly. This can affect the scopes ability to tract properly and can hinder the movement of the magnification ring and side focus parallax adjustment is present.

30mm Iota Rings

At TRACT we recommend the Iota TRIAD 30mm Rings for our TORIC UHD 4-20x50 FFP scopes. Manufactured out of anodized Aluminum 6061-T6, an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy known for its superior strength, lightweight mass and corrosion resistance. Each ring utilizes four stainless steel socket head cap screws to facilitate an equal distribution of force for optimal solidity when mounting your rifle scope.

Their patented three-key adjustment system equips the TRIAD with interchangeable and insertable keys for mounting scope rings to the rail within three different tolerances: plus 3.5, nominal, and minus 3.5. To further advance the stability and accuracy of the system, iota TRIAD is machined with an exclusive under-cut wedge design that enables the rings to maintain a leveled position while mounted to the rail.

Match your TORIC 30mm scope with these high quality rings made by Iota. Featuring a patent pending design with three different recoil key widths to negate the tolerances allowed in machining specifications

Warne 1” Maxima

For all our TORIC 1” scopes, we recommend the Warne Maxima Steel Rings.  They incorporate a square stainless steel recoil control key in both the front and rear rings to ensure a “no slip” positive recoil surface across the entire slot of the base and is capable of withstanding the heaviest of recoil. The Maxima square recoil key also protects against swaging or peening of the bases when used on softer or less durable materials. The Maxima Fixed Ring band is also substantially wider for additional clamping surface around the scope to hold the optic firmly in place.

Match your TORIC UHD 3-15x42 BDC with the custom Graphite Warne Maxima rings. 

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