Purchase any T-PLEX RIFLESCOPE Receive a FREE Custom Turret. $100 Value!

Custom Turret Options


Purchase a TRACT T-Plex scope from April 12th – 19th and recieve a FREE Custom Engraved Turret ($100 Value)!  Select either the TORIC, TEKOA, TURION or 22FIRE T-Plex scope that best fits your shooting/hunting needs, complete the checkout process (don’t add the custom turret to the cart at this time) and we will include the Redemption Voucher in the package with your scope.  When you’re ready, complete the form and the custom dial is on its way to you within 2-3 weeks. 

Main Benefits of a Custom Engraved Turret:

Improves Accuracy

  • Custom Engraved turrets are calibrated to match the specific ballistics of your cartridge, load and atmospheric conditions allowing for accurate shot placement every time.

Quick and Simple to Use

  • Together with Kenton Industries we laser inscribe the elevation dial in 50 yard increments that’s simple and easy to use

Dials the Actual Distance

  • After determining the range to the target, shooter dials to the cooresponding yardage

No Guess Work, No Hold-over

  • Place the crosshair on target and squeeze